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Hawksbill Peak Farm

Wagyu and Angus Beef from the Shenandoah Valley

We have a new way of serving you.  Please email us what you would like. we will create a bundle of just want you want. 

Virginia Farm to Table Beef: Meeting Peoples' Desire for Locally Sourced Food 


Clay grew up in Page County Virginia.  Reyn is a product of Washington DC.  They met as neighbors in Stanley, Virginia, both with a desire to bring a unique high-quality beef to consumers in the region.  Hawksbill Peak Farm is nestled just below Hawksbill Peak, the tallest mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  The farm, about 90 miles from Washington DC, offers Registered Royal Red Akaushi Wagyu by the cut or mixed box and Registered Angus beef by the cut, box or quarter.

Our Registered Wagyu, Angus cross beef is now available for order by the cut and mixed box.  You can find available options on this site to select your preference  or you can email us for a mixed box and special pricing.  You can reach us at  





Hormone & Antibiotic Free

Grass Raised

Grain Finished

Hawksbill Peak Farms offers registered Royal Akaushi beef for food connoisseurs in the region of Washington D.C and Northern Virginia. Our product is the perfect cross of Wagyu and Angus beef for optimal marbling and full-flavored texture.

Our cattle are raised on regeneratively grazed pastures.  They are grain finished to maximize the marbling.  Wagyu beef has higher levels of oleic acid fat, a mono-unsaturated fat, that is more heart healthy. At full maturation, our beef is humanely processed in small-batches at a reputable, family-owned, USDA inspected processor  in the Shenandoah Valley. The beef is then slowly dry-aged, expertly cut, and vacuum packaged.  This tightly controlled process, from farm to freezer, ensures the safe, high-quality beef from Hawksbill Peak Farm. 

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