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Our Cattle

Our Story

Clay’s farming background goes back four generations when his family farmed land in Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. As land was sold off for development, Clay’s grandfather spent a career away from farming but hoping to one day return to the way he grew up. In 1978, Clay’s grandparents bought a small farm in the Shenandoah Valley and began raising cattle and growing their own food. In 2014, Clay pursued his dream of farming. In addition to beef cattle, he grows turkeys, raising 550,000 turkeys annually for VPGC, LLC.  Reyn is a medical doctor by training. He has been working cows since boyhood.  In 2004 he purchased Hawksbill Peak Farm, restoring the almost 200 year old log cabin and reviving the pastures for cattle grazing.  For 16 years he leased the land for grazing deciding to join forces with Clay to bring a better beef to market.  Reyn works in agriculture policy in the US Congress and has been leading new ideas for regenerative agriculture for America.  In 2022, Hawksbill Peak Farm will adapt their grazing practices to double grass production and carbon capture. 

Our Cattle
At Hawksbill Peak Farm, we offer artisanal beef to those who want better, cleaner food from a local farmer.  We will grow and sell the highest quality beef to meet the most discerning customer's palate. In 2014, Clay began introducing Registered Angus and Simmental genetics to our cow herd to develop efficient and sustainable cattle. Clay focuses on marbling and docility. In 2020, Reyn and Clay joined forces and introduced the first Registered Akaushi genetics to the Shenandoah Valley. 

Why an Akaushi x Angus Cross?

Royal Akaushi Wagyu crossed with Angus offers superior marbling with beefier texture  a unique American dining experience. All beef is fed with a unique grain mix to maximize taste and healthier oleic acid fat, an attribute of Wagyu beef. 

Our Beef
Our cattle are carefully raised for 18-24 months on a forage-based diet of baleage (high moisture hay) and grain. Our beef is aged for 14-21 days which drastically improves tenderness and flavor much superior to that in the grocery store.

USDA Inspected
Our beef is processed at a local plant and is inspected by the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service.

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