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A favorite when cooked slowly, these briskets show off great marbling and are perfect for long roasting over smoke or in the oven. Add a rub for seasoning, then top with barbeque.  This is great for a main course or for sandwiches when sliced thinly against the grain. 

Brisket: Wagyu x Angus

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  • The easiest way to receive your beef is to arrange pick up at the farm. You can do so by contacting us at The address is 403 Hawksbill Park Rd, Stanley, Virginia.

    We also can arrange delivery in the Washington DC area on a weekly basis.

    Two-day overnight shipping on dry ice is available on most orders.

    For orders on the East coast, shipping cost is estimated to be $25- $30. Midwest shipping is between $45-$50 and West coast is $80-$90. These estimates are based on a box of beef weighing 25 lbs. To confirm shipping cost to your location, please contact us at the above email.

    It will be important to confirm that you can receive a package on its arrival day an put it immediately into the freezer.

  • Our Akaushi is sired by the Heartbrand Beef that is the originial Japanese Royal Red Akaushi Beef to come to America.  You can read the story here.

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